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The History of HCNT Technology

HCNT is the inventor and manufacturer of bottom suspension products. HCNT has owned the patent right of these products in the USA, China, Europe, and Japan. Through our tireless efforts and struggle, we have achieved the FCC, ROHS, LVD, EMC, and UL certifications for all our products.

Chinese govt also gave us a high-tech enterprise award, which recognizes our firm in the area of international business marketing. This award acknowledges that 90% of all maglev products in the Japan, Europe and the USA markets are made by our firm HCNT.

Basic Info

Mr. Robert Wang is a Chinese electronics engineer who established the HCNT Company in 1999 in Shenzhen, China. Our company is specialized in making quality maglev products and was the 1st company to use electromagnetic repulsion to build bottom suspension systems or different advertising display products in China. The website link is www.hcnt.com.

Our solid technical R&D team is inspired by the advancement of technology and gets inspiration from it to develop new products. Our technology R&D center is located in Wuhan Chian city, employing 12 well-known specialists and engineers in the area of magnetic levitation. The first development from this group is the manufacturing of LED displays and mini lights introduced in 2004.

Our floating moon lighting product line includes a wide range of items. Few of our main export targets are first-class, excellent, attraction and robust Ideas. These multinational firms have provided us with a solid foundation in foreign trade, and now our company is offering services that are beyond our supply chain. At HCNT Technology, we craft and produce client bespoke products when our customers cannot find exactly what they need in our range.

We invite those interested in learning more about our service to contact us as we look forward to discussing your needs. As a longtime manufacturer and leading exporter of floating products from China, HCNT technology can assure you that you will get the top quality items at the most competitive rates and with loyal service and a rapid delivery time. Our company expects to work with you and the opportunity to build strong relationships with customers around the globe.

Why did we create HCNT Technology?

Robert Wang had lofty ambitions from a very young age. Robert Wang understood that China’s transition from “Made-in-China” to “Created-in-China” as a manufacturing country was the direction of china’s development. Companies still have a long journey to go to come up with a way of “Created-in-China” through independent development and research. So, his dream of developing a product that would change people’s lifestyles came true, and created an outstanding technology company to assist the country to make the leap from “Made-in-China” to “Made-in-China.”

The development path of HCNT.

To fulfill this dream, Robert Wang traveled to Switzerland in 1998 to prepare for his MBA. To commercialize the maglev technology, he saw a way in 1999. Coincidentally, he met Li Liangqing at an expo in Shenzhen. They both had the same dreams.

Also, this year, they co-founded the HCNT Technology company. They leased an almost 11 marla mill in Shenzhen in 2000. It was the 1st HCNT Technology factory. They started manufacturing top-quality maglev products and exporting these products.

That same year, the company received its first 5,000 US orders. They were the first manufacturer in the world who crafts Magnetic levitation globes.

Based on the benefits of maglev technology in saving and reducing electricity usage and the broader view of the civil market, in 2006, The company enlarged the maglev business to create items, globes, potted plants, toys, bulbs, gifts, and advertising devices.

After the ongoing progress and growth of HCNT Technology, in 2006, the company applied for the patent for the first maglev product in china, patent number: ZL200610065336.1. The patent is worth around ten million.

The electromagnetic levitation products can hang the hanging body above the base and rotate the product horizontally. In 2008, they applied for the first US patent for the maglev product. Patent number: US8294542B2.

Until 2012, they had 6.6 acres of factory land in Zhaoqing city. During this time, the company has obtained over forty patents all over the globe. All the main parts are independently crafted and, at the same time, carried out the production of a series of products. In particular, our several patent maglev products are approved all over the world, such as in Japan and the USA.

HCNT Technology company has applied for patents in the USA, Europe, Japan, and China as the inventor of magnetic levitation products since 2013. Through tireless efforts and struggle, the company has received the EMC, LVD, ROHS, FCC, and UL certifications for all its products. The Chinese govt also give them High-Tech Enterprise Award.

HCNT goals and plans

As a result of 23 years of sales and research, and development, they have become an expert and experienced producer of magnetic levitation devices. HCNT’s magnetic levitation devices now include maglev lamps, plant pots, lights, Bluetooth speakers, globes, and display advertising products. There are about 80 product variants in different series, such as the large electromagnetic levitation system. It can hang stably on objects weighing from a few grams to about 20 kgs. HCNT Technology’s maglev products have been tested by different professional testing institutes. Users don’t need to worry that HCNT maglev products can harm the human body.

Always insisting that the quality of the product and technology comes first, HCNT has been crafting magnetic levitation products in China since 1999 and has earned a top-class reputation all over the globe. Maglev HCNT main series devices are exported to over twenty different countries, including the USA and Europe. HCNT magnetic levitation devices have reached thousands of households both at home and abroad.

A strong research and development technical team and quality mass production over the past 20 years are the foundation for the future development of HCNT.

“Our company’s aim is to make products that can transformers’ lives and make users’ daily routine and work easier with HCNT maglev devices,” says Robert Wang. We all expect that users’ lifestyles will change and be different from magnetic levitation technology. I also hope that as HCNT makes my vision a reality, I’m so happy to have your support and step into the future together.

Robert Wang

Robert Wang

Hello, everyone. I'm Robert Wang, CEO of hcnt.com. We have been operating a factory producing maglev products in China for 23 years. The purpose of this article is to share the knowledge related to maglev with you from the perspective of a Chinese supplier.

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