<strong>3D moon lamp VS Floating moon lamp</strong>

3D moon lamp VS Floating moon lamp
Find which type of lamp is good for a gift?
So if you’re looking for a high-quality, realistic-looking moon lamp to gift someone, choose a floating moon lamp! Even the real moon would be jealous!

List of Moon Lamp Manufacturers In China: Our Top 8 Picks

a complete list of China’s top moon lamp manufacturers that will offer you products of the highest quality.
listed companies:
Fredlighting Technology Limited
Guangzhou Bluesky Electronics Technology Co., Limited.
Shenzhen Sunjet Electronic Co., Ltd
HCNT Industrial Company Ltd.
Ningbo Wealth Electrical Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Star Technology Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Shinedo Technology Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Canmei Lighting Co., Ltd

How to Customize the Magnetic Levitation Products? (Technology Guide)

How to Customize the Magnetic Levitation Products?
Magnetic levitation technology is a versatile technology that can be applied to various sectors. Many countries have already expressed interest in maglev systems.
The following are some options for customizing your magnetic levitating products.