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Guide to the Best Floating Plant Pot Manufacturer in China 2022

Are you looking for a Floating Plant Pot Manufacturer to supply high-quality, attractive, and durable products? Do you need new, eye-catching product ideas for your retail store or online shop?

When looking for a reliable and professional levitating plant pots manufacturer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are many Chinese factories with promises of quick delivery and low prices. But these promises are not usually delivered when it comes to product quality.

Below, we will look at the practices of HCNT, the Floating Plant Pot Specialists. Why is HCNT the company to trust in the production and distribution of Floating Plant Pots? What makes HCNT the best floating Pot Manufacturer in China for international companies?

What are Floating Plant Pots?

HCNT are expert in designing, producing, and delivering quality levitating plant pots globally. Floating plant pots are an attractive product that is sure to catch the eye of your customers. By using placed magnets, these levitating planters float in the air as they display plants to the best effect.

The floating plant pots can also maintain a steady rotation. This will expose each part of the plant to the available light sources in the location. Even light exposure results in straighter, healthier, and more attractive plants.

The Floating Plant Pot market has exploded as customers become aware of these desirable products. These products are popular with a wide variety of customers, young and old. These items are good sellers as décor items for homes and offices as well as becoming a popular buy for gift-givers.

How do the HCNT Floating Plant Pots work?

HCNT are innovators in floating products and held the first patent for these items in the US and China. The use of placed magnets creates friction between matching magnetic poles. The resistance caused creates a steady level of support allowing the product to float in the air.

HCNT has the US patent on its unique magnetic technology. They are experts in exact, measured magnet placements to supply consistent floatation. This technology is successfully applied to levitating plant pots, lamps, and even Bluetooth speakers.

HCNT Floating Plant Pots appeal to a wide variety of customer bases.

The magical floating plant pots appeal to children, teenagers, and adults alike. The magical effect instantly attracts the eye of customers. The products have quickly become a trend in online and in­store purchasing from décor and home goods companies.

These items consistently generate sales and will draw the eye of your customer base. The mix of aesthetic appeal and affordable prices make these products a smart choice for a wide variety of stores.

HCNT is constantly developing and refining its product lines.

HCNT founder Robert Wang has built a company founded upon innovation and invention. HCNT is always improving its products to ensure they are the highest possible standard. Innovations and inventions mean HCNT products make use of industry-leading technology.

HCNT are Leaders in Manufacturing Floating Pots and Lamps for the US, European and Japanese Markets.

HCNT is an established and well-respected name in the production of levitation products. The infrastructure, processes, and quality check procedures of the factory are long-established. And the extensive product range has proven to be successful. In working with global purchasers, HCNT has developed are reputation for delivering attractive and affordable items.

What products does HCNT produce?

HCNT produces a range of expanding product lines making use of its patented technology. These items fall into the below categories:

HCNT is always innovating to provide new, exciting versions of these highly commercial items.

Check back with the company in the coming months for new products, innovations, and designs that will delight your customers.

HCNT has a range of Floating Pots for you to choose from:

Angular Design Floating Plant Pots.

HCNT offers a range of different-sized white angular levitating planters. These will appeal to customers who are fans of clean modern design and the Nordic Décor trend. The timeless design will appeal to a wide range of customers. And they will sit beautifully in homes and offices no matter what the décor or color schemes. These items will be the perfect pick for a home décor store, a gardening outlet, or a gift shop.

For more details about these types of products CLICK HERE.

Round Wooden Levitating Pot Designs.

For a more arts and crafts theme, we supply these beautifully rounded levitating planters. These will appeal to both those who enjoy a minimalist aesthetic. It will also attract those who gravitate towards classic wooden décor. These products have a warm light wood color which is sure to appeal to your customers.

CLICK HERE for more information about these designs.

Maglev Floating Pots for Plants.

This is a more arresting product that will appeal to a wide customer base. To appeal to plant lovers you can choose this natural effect floating plant pot. The natural rock effect supplies an exotic feel and displays plants attractively.

To Discover more about this Design Option CLICK HERE

HCNT offers a Product Personalization Service:

If you have any brand personalization ideas to mark out the products. HCNT is always happy to hear from you. Our factory production processes can quickly be adapted. We can ensure you receive exactly the type of product you will easily be able to sell to your customers. They will collaborate to supply the perfect product at the perfect price for your profits.

Why Choose HCNT Floating Pots?

  • Attractive, Aesthetically Appealing Designs

HCNT levitation pots will be an instantly popular addition to your range of products. These pots delight young and old with a variety of tastes. The pots have already proven to be a good seller as gifts and décor for both homes and offices.

  • High-Quality Products at Affordable Prices

HCNT work with buyers to create products that work with their budget but don’t scrimp on quality. They make sure to produce the right product at the right price point. These pots will appeal to your customer base and include a healthy profit for you as the seller.

  • HCNT offers Drop Shipping Services

Cut the time between your customer orders and delivery using HCNT drop shipping. HCNT’s international reach is enabled by warehouse locations in Europe and the USA. They can work to get your customer’s products direct to their door in the quickest possible time.

  • You can select several products from HCNT’s large levitating product line.

HCNT products cover a wide range of items such as plant pots, lamps, globes, and Bluetooth speakers. Pick one or two of our products and build up as your customer interest grows. We are certain your customers will love these attractive and interesting products.

  • HCNT collaborates with buyers and provides excellent customer service.

If you want to buy HCNT floating pots, the customer service team will be delighted to discuss your needs. They will provide samples so that you can feel 100% confident in the product before placing a bulk order. You can be confident in the quality, safety, and reliability of HCNTproducts.

HCNT is an established and trusted name in the production of floating plant pots and lamps. They proudly create affordable, quality products you can feel confident in selling.

HCNT spares no effort in creating innovative, aesthetically appealing designs. These beautiful items will attract customers and are popular products in stores and online.

What are HCNT’s strengths over Manufacturing Competitors?

There are many reasons to choose HCNT as your levitating plant pot supplier. They are an experienced company in supplying levitation products to the US, Japan, and Europe for over two decades. HCNT is a global leader in supplying high-quality products internationally.

  • Patent Owners
  • Pioneers in the industry
  • The first factory to exclusively manufacture levitation products
  • Already an established global supplier to customers in the USA, Europe, and Japan.
  • High standard of production, materials, and safety and quality checks.
  • Drop shipping Services.
  • Large product range of levitating home and office décor and accessories.

HCNT are Pioneers in Creating Levitating Devices.

HCNT was the first factory to solely produce levitation devices and distribute them globally. Over the years they have provided levitation technology products all over the globe. HCNT has produced innovative items for a range of high-profile organizations like Heineken, Puma, and the Chinese Government.

HCNT held the first US patent in the production of Levitation Product Devices in 2012. They hold the patents in China since 1999 and hold over 40 patents for the technology around the world. Since then, HCNT has expanded its successful products to include high-quality floating plant pots.

The HCNT factory is a well-established operation with an expert team of designers and specialists. The team has years of experience creating high-quality levitating products and accessories.

Here are some of HCNT’s biggest achievements in the industry so far:

  • 1999 – HCNT is founded and their first patent for Levitating Products is claimed.
  • 2000 – HCNT factory opens and begins exclusively manufacturing levitating products.
  • 2001 – The First Levitation Globe was sold to a US customer, the first sale of a floating


  • 2002 – HCNT develop and sell the first floating pop advertising display to Heineken.
  • 2005 – HCNT sell a 1.5M Floating Globe to the Chinese Government.
  • 2007 – HCNT patents bottom flotation devices in the US and China
  • 2011 – HCNT develops and sells shoe flotation displays for use in Puma Stores worldwide.
  • 2013 – First floating table lamp was invented by HCNT designer Mr. Thierry
  • 2015 – The first levitating speaker is invented by HCNT designers.
  • 2018 – The first levitating clock is developed by HCNT
  • 2020 – HCNT develop the first floating lamp switch.
  • 2021 – HCNT develop the first automatic lifting Floating Moon Lamp.

As you can see HCNT is constantly developing new and exciting product variations. These items all use floating technologies which are sure to delight customers worldwide.

What quality checks will HCNT Floating Plant Pots need to pass before they leave the factory?

HCNT is a manufacturer that prides itself on its output of high-quality products. Cheap, shoddy items which fall apart as soon as they fall out of the packet, are not what this factory is about. Each item has been checked a total of four times before it is approved to leave the factory and be sent to suppliers. These checks include:

  • Temperature Sensor Checks
  • Certified Adaptors Checks
  • Fire Resistance Checks
  • Component Strength Checks
  • Parts and attachment Checks.
  • Amongst other checks tailored for individual products.

When you order from HCNT you can feel confident in the quality, safety, and durability of the products.

Your customers will be delighted with quality products that will stand the test of time. These pots provide beauty and practicality to both homes and offices. HCNT’s wide range of global customers stands as a testament to its product quality. The success of the company showcases its commitment to quality, efficiency, and attractive design.

Contact HCNT today to discuss the floating plant pots product range. They would love to talk about how they can supply top-quality and desirable floating pots for your customers. The customer service team will be happy to answer all your questions. The factory can suggest the best product solutions for your needs and get to work quickly on any orders you would like to place.

Robert Wang

Robert Wang

Hello, everyone. I'm Robert Wang, CEO of hcnt.com. We have been operating a factory producing maglev products in China for 23 years. The purpose of this article is to share the knowledge related to maglev with you from the perspective of a Chinese supplier.

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