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Maglev Pot for Gift

HCNT Modern Magnetic Levitating Bonsai Pot Levitating Flower Pot Fashionable and Creative Gift

Additional information

Item code


Floating object

M005B-PD, M005B-PW, M005B-PZ



Suspension gap


Input voltage (V)

12V 1A

Invention Patent

American, Chinese patent


Product production process

Item Type: Flower Pot with Levitation Technology

Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS


Product Details:

Maglev Pot for Gift

M005B-PD details:

How to choose the size and depth of the flower pot?

Use a small pot for small flowers and a large pot for large flowers Many flower lovers know the phrase “small pots for small flowers and big pots for big flowers”, but it is not very clear why they do this, because when small flower seedlings are directly planted on the ground, such a large area is fine. Potted flowers cannot be compared with ground flowers.
Ground plants are connected in all directions.
Except for large-scale waterlogging, there is basically no problem with excessive soil moisture and poor ventilation at other times.
In addition to the good ventilation and ventilation on the top of potted flowers, the other sides are basically airtight, and droughts and floods and poor ventilation are prone to root rot in a small space.
Therefore, using small pots for small flowers and large pots for large flowers is mainly to allow flowers to have a good growth environment, which is convenient for root growth, ventilation, and watering.


M005B-PW details:

For some bonsai-shaped flowers, if you don’t want the plants to grow too tall, you can plant them in shallow pots or small pots to limit the growth of the root system, which can also limit the growth of the plants.

Therefore, bonsai is planted in shallow pots on the one hand for good looks, and on the other hand for better shape.


M005B-PZ details:

In midsummer, I will choose a few sunny and sunny afternoons, invite two or three friends, make a pot of tea, take a few stools, bring a pack of cigarettes, and move the drinking place to the vegetable garden to chat.

Praise the party’s policy of benefiting farmers, and comment on the interesting stories of the neighbors.

The mouth is pale, pick a few tomatoes, break a few cucumbers, and take a bite, crispy, tender, and sweet, straight to the heart. In the green and eye-catching vegetable garden, surrounded by colorful passionflowers and pot flowers, watch the flying butterflies and listen to the buzzing of bees.







We are HCNT Technology Factory based in Guangdong, China, starting in 1999.

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We have 23 years of experience in the QC team with strict and professional quality control systems. We have 4 times inspections for each finished product before the package.

Third part inspection acceptable.

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Yes, it is possible to print the logo on our products. The artwork of the logo printing in AI or PDF format is necessary once the sample order is placed.

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