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How to make the levitating moon lamp?

A levitating moon lamp may be just what you need if you want something engaging or mesmerizing for your home or office. A moon lamp that floats and spins will undoubtedly turn your attention, whether you’re adding unique style to a room or simply looking for something different.

A magnetic force and wireless induction charging allow a levitating moon lamp to float in the air effortlessly. Like a star projector, their primary aim is ambiance; they offer an excellent impression to any indoor environment. However, because they are essentially lamps, they offer illumination to any gloomy space.

How to make a levitating moon lamp?

While “simple to create” may be an exaggeration if you have a 3D printer — and ideally a laser cutter — you can make this levitating moon lamp. Print files for the moon can be downloaded here, and with an STL file in hand, making a tangible light-up orb is as simple as configuring your print parameters and hitting a button.

Materials used

I used the following materials to create a lovely levitating moon lamp.

  • To cut plywood and PMMA material, you’ll need a laser cutter or access to one.
  • Maglev Kit( magnet, iron hoop, coil…..) look for it at reliable vendors.
  • The moon in the 3D model: I used Leung Chang’s excellent work.
  • A 3D printer or its access is required to create the moon and white PLA.
  • A USB/battery-powered LED kit with a remote controller.
  • Look for “Magnetic levitation wireless power supply module” for wireless moon illumination.

Steps to make a levitating moon lamp

You can create a levitating moon lamp by following the steps

  • A 3D-printed enclosure is used to contain the wireless LED module:
  • The magnet is inserted into the enclosure, and the LED module is glued on top:
  • While the module is being printed, it is glued to the moon.
  • I printed the moon with no support, 100 percent infill, and white PLA. I used scrap plywood to keep it in place to support it.

Making of Desk Lamp

I created a moon lamp version with an LED bump inside. I used a 2 W (1W or 3W will do) LED light bulb, a cord, and a switch.

The LED light is then inserted within the moon, where it can hang up.

A charged version, which comprises an IR sender and a microcontroller board with four LEDs, is another alternative (white, red, green, blue). The image below displays a 6′′ moon variant.

The battery board is glued into a 3D-printed socket.

I now have a color cycling moon!

Making a MagLev Base

  • I installed the wireless charging board at the bottom of the PCB and added an on/off button to turn off the light.
  • I installed the wireless charging board at the bottom of the PCB and added an on/off button to turn off the light. You may easily accomplish this by watching any YouTube video guide.
  • The magnetic field has the potential to pull the magnet away by up to 300 g. Naturally, no sensitive gadgets should be exposed to the magnetic field.
  • A great application would be to lift small objects or a cactus on the magnet.

A nameplate can also be added to the levitating moon lamp. Depending on your unique tastes, interests, and budget, it’s all up to you

Set up instructions

  • It would help if you acquired the proper magnetic balance to make the Moon levitate. This may require some practice. However, once the Moon has been levitated, you can appreciate the beauty and charm of this one-of-a-kind tabletop light.
  • Place the magnetic suspension base on a flat, solid surface away from any metal items.
  • Connect the power cord.
  • With both hands, grasp the Moon.
  • Position the Moon in the center of the base.
  • Bring the Moon down vertically toward the base.
  • Slowly release your hands when you feel the magnetic force pulling up.
  • The Moon will appear to float in midair because it will be suspended in a magnetic field (FIG. B).
  • While the Moon has been successfully suspended, you can manipulate the “moonlight” by gently tapping the power mark on the base.
  • Please use your thumbs and middle fingers to hold the moonlight. Please keep the light at the bottom, not in the middle.
  • It must be positioned vertically from the top to the middle of the docking. You must do it quickly at first, and if you fail, you must leave it up and start over. Don’t look for the contact point slowly, as this is the incorrect approach to levitate the moonlight.
  • Finally, while attempting to levitate the moonlight, use your pinkie as a signal to determine the distance between the moon light and the dock. In addition, when your pinkie touches the port, this is the best distance to discover the spot and leave the moon light; if it fails, you must leave it up again and try again.
  • Please don’t try to find the link point for more than 1 second because it will become increasingly difficult if you don’t leave it up. Leave the moonlight on and try again.

Safety Warnings

  • This product should not be kept in a humid environment.
  • Only use the power cord that came with your device. Use no other cables or chargers.
  • Keep electronic equipment (computers, cell phones, cameras, bank cards, and so on) at least 7 inches (20 cm) away from the Moon.
  • This device should not be used by those with cardiac problems or a pacemaker.
  • This item is not a toy. Keep out of children’s reach.
  • This product is only intended for usage inside.

Uses/benefits of levitating moon lamp

A levitating moon lamp may fulfill various duties in addition to illuminating your home with its enchanting beauty.

  • A Centerpiece

What could be better than purchasing something that serves multiple functions? A levitating moon lamp is calming, but it is also a terrific centerpiece to add a touch of elegance to your décor.

  • Make Your Time Memorable

If you and your spouse don’t have much time for each other, a levitating moon lamp can help you have the best moments of your lives.

  • A Stress Reliever

After a long day, lie down on the couch and light a floating moon lamp on the side table if you want to relax.

The good news is that you may alter the brightness of these bulbs to suit your needs. So choose between warm yellow and chilly white, depending on how you want to melt your tension away!

  • A Unique Gift

If you’re stuck for ideas for gifts, you can’t go wrong with a floating moon lamp. They are an excellent choice for various occasions, including birthdays, graduation parties, Valentine’s Day, and even wedding anniversaries.

  • Consumes Low Power

Even if you use these levitating moons regularly, your electricity bills will not increase. They are made up of energy-efficient LED lights and a wireless power module that only communicates the required minimum current to the bulb.

HCNT and levitating moon lamp

Mr. Robert Wang is a Chinese electronics engineer who formed the HCNT Company in Shenzhen, China, in 1999. Our company specialized in producing high-quality maglev products and was the first in China to use electromagnetic repulsion to construct bottom suspension systems or various advertising display items. HCNT owns the patent rights to these products in the United States, China, Europe, and Japan. We got our products’ FCC, ROHS, LVD, EMC, and UL certifications via our unwavering efforts and struggle.

So, if you want to get the marvelous levitating moon light, HCNT is the place to go.

HCNT technology can guarantee that you will receive high-quality things at the most reasonable prices, dependable service, and prompt delivery. Our organization looks forward to working with you and the opportunity to create solid relationships with customers all around the world.

HCNT has the following levitating moon lamp features:

  • Levimoon Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp
  • QQV Levitating Moon Lamp & Galaxy Light
  • Peace Planet Floating Moon Lamp
  • Dododuck Levitating Moon Lamp
  • HCNT Levitating Moon Lamp
  • Levites Cosmos Light
  • Gingko Smart Moon Lamp
  • BANGFORU Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp

Final thoughts

Do you want to acquire a levitating moon lamp for your daughter, home, or office? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. A floating moonlight helps us forget about the day’s stresses by illuminating our space with a soothing glow and tranquility.

You can select from a wide range of levitating moon lamps on the market. Some use rechargeable batteries, while others can be plugged directly into a power source.

If you buy a rechargeable lamp, don’t overcharge it, don’t drink drinks near it, and don’t position it on a slanted surface.

A levitating moon lamp is your real calling if you seek a gift for a loved one or simply a mood raiser.

Robert Wang

Robert Wang

Hello, everyone. I'm Robert Wang, CEO of hcnt.com. We have been operating a factory producing maglev products in China for 23 years. The purpose of this article is to share the knowledge related to maglev with you from the perspective of a Chinese supplier.

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