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How does the factory make the levitating plant pot?

The floating Plant Pot is a unique real-life levitating plant pot. And, just like a famous magic trick, you can rapidly swipe your finger between the plant pot and the oak wooden platform – or even give them a slight spin – while they’re hovering in mid-air.

The magnetic levitating Plant Pot is a modern indoor planter float above a wooden oak base. You may even gently spin the plant.

You can use air plants or artificial plants in this futuristic home planter. As a result, it is the ideal inside Planter for modern home décor.

How to make the levitating plant pot?

Natural materials are used to promote a tranquil atmosphere in 2021. Floating plants are a terrific indoor decoration for your home because they contribute to your rustic vibe. Plus, gone are the days when we had to worry about taking care of the plants.

These floating plants can spin 360 degrees to obtain the most sunshine exposure. If your home gets plenty of natural light, it’s time to invest in some levitating plants.

While most do-it-yourself projects wind up in the garbage, we’re confident that your magnetic levitating plant will find its way into your display shelf! To aid you in embellishing your home, here are some simple ways to construct a levitating plant pot.

Steps to make the levitating plant

We’ll go over the procedures to create the levitating plant pot in the following sections of this post.

  1. Product appearance
  2. Inner structures
  3. Operation theory
  4. Production process
  5. Package

Product appearance

The pot and the base of the levitating plant can be separated. The bottom tray of the moon is a magnetic disc that allows the entire pot to float in mid-air. The base also houses the magnet system, which can be adjusted depending on the weight and size of the floating item.

Inner Structures

The inside structure of the levitating plant pot may be complex and have multiple elements because it must revolve in the earn and may turn 360 degrees. An iron plate and a permanent magnet make up the bottom of the levitating plant pot. The weight and size of the pot can be modified.

The following components make up the interior construction of a levitating plant container.

  • Iron hoop
  • Temperature sense resistance
  • Bottom bracket
  • System sensor
  • Touch switch
  • Bottom frame
  • Ferrite
  • Coil
  • Iron cylinder
  • HCNT-SIM-E-A circuit board

These structures all contribute to the improved performance of the HCNT levitating plant pot.

Operation theory

Levitation is the employment of a magnet for “same-sex repulsion, attraction heterosexual” in nature, which is the process by which a physical force against gravity sustains an item. Levitation is the technique of suspending an item against gravity in a steady position without making firm physical contact. Aerodynamic, magnetic, acoustic, electromagnetic, electrostatic, gas film, and optical levitation are some of the ways that have been created to levitate materials. On the other hand, the levitation plant pot employs an electromagnetic approach.

A magnetic suspension device consists of a magnetic base and a suspension body in most cases. The suspension body magnetically repels an electromagnet installed inside the magnetic base. Magnetic repulsion balances the suspension body’s gravity, allowing the suspension body to be suspended and spun.

Production process

Step 1: Adhere the sheet iron to the magnet.

Step 2: Use a screw to secure the bottom bracket to the hope.

Step 3: Put the coin, the iron cylinder, and the bracket together

Step 4: place the remaining components in their proper locations.

Step 5: Debugging via signals to get the system to a stable state.

Step 6: Adjust the system’s current to around 100 milliamperes.

Step 8: To finish the final product, paste the tray and transmitter to the bottom of the pot.

Step 9: Conduct an aging test on items to ensure that they can function normally and without slant.

Step 10: polish and improve its look

Step 11: Your levitating plant container is now finished. The packaging of items is the final stage


The packaging is the final stage in producing a levitating plant pot. The primary purpose of packing is to safeguard items during handling, storage, and transportation. Packaging keeps the product safe along the supply chain, from producer to end-user. It protects the materials from heat, light, moisture, and other factors.

Initial impressions matter and your packaging is frequently a customer’s first introduction to your goods. As a result, product packaging is an essential consideration for producers. The importance of product packaging is varied, and it may help create a strong first impression and encourage long-term loyalty to the brand.

How does a levitating plant pot work?

Floating plants are an essential feature of modern décor since they allow you to care for your plants while looking fashionable. These plants float around in the air, and some can rotate.

They appear magical, but what is the key to their fun? On the other hand, floating plants use magnetic levitation to keep aloft. They feature one magnet at the bottom and another at the top.

The magnets combine to cause repulsion between the plant’s two halves. This repulsion aids the effect of levitation.

So, if magnets attract one other, how is this levitation possible? On the other hand, an interest has north and south poles. The opposite poles attract and repel each other, just as poles.

As a result, these levitating plants use the same magnet poles to induce repulsion, which aids in levitation.

Caring for a levitating plant pot

The levitating plant would require the same maintenance as any other houseplant: a location with adequate light, humidity, and average interior temperatures would suit most plants.

Watering would be tricky because the pot has no drainage holes. It has a secret reservoir, according to the manufacturer. However, a reservoir in a pot with no drainage does not eliminate the risk of overwatering and rot. Just make sure the dirt is arid before proceeding. Then, at least until you understand your plant’s needs, only add a few spoonfuls of water at a time.

Advantages of levitating plant pot

Levitating plant pots is a terrific way to add life to your home decor if you’re searching for something different. They look great, but they also provide a lot of advantages to your plants. Levitating flower pots are a great option if you’re searching for a unique way to decorate your house.

  • For starters, levitating plant pots allow for improved ventilation around your plants’ roots, which can aid in their growth.
  • Additionally, the levitation process provides a gentle massage to your plants, which might aid in their development. Furthermore, because levitating plant holders are hung in the air, they need less water than traditional pots, saving you time and money in the long run.
  • The manufacturer further claims that magnetism would help the plant grow and that movement would be beneficial.
  • Good symmetry is almost guaranteed when a plant receives light from all sides, as it does when it rotates.
  • Furthermore, the manufacturer’s plants require more air circulation than typical plants, and the pot’s movement should aid this.
  • Plants are beautiful, but they are also beneficial to your health. Indoor plantations, whether floating or potted, must be included in your home to create a nice ambiance.
  • Plant pots that levitate look excellent on a shelf or in an entryway. As you watch them quietly rotate, they catch your attention and might provide a sensation of tranquility.
  • They can also be placed on desks for this purpose – a fun little distraction when you need a mental break. Choosing the right design for your space is often all that is required.

Final thoughts

When it comes to home décor, a floating plant pot is the latest must-have. You’ll wonder why you ever bothered with ordinary plants once you have a levitating plant in your home!

Your house will look elegant and sophisticated with the Levitating Plant Pot. Anyone who sees this plant pot will be surprised to learn that it is floating. This is the ideal present for anyone looking to brighten up their home. Is it someone’s birthday soon? Then this is going to be the most excellent present of the day.

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