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Top 7 Best Floating Plant Pots to Buy in 2022

You can add a sense of wonder and magic to your home with a stunning Floating Plant Pot. These attractive pieces will enhance any room and display your indoor plants beautifully.

These levitating planters add a fascinating display to homes, offices, or waiting rooms. They will float in the air and display your favorite small plants and succulents.

There are some beautiful designs of these innovative floating plant display pieces. And many are available for you to buy online. We have detailed our Top 7 picks of the Best Floating Plant Pots available to buy today.

What is a Floating Plant Pot?

A Floating Plant Pot is a fascinating feature for any room. These levitating pots float above an attractive magnetic base. You can display your indoor plants to the best effect with these magical items. And they will even keep a steady rotation, showing each part of your plant to the room and the sunshine.

The classic designs available will fit right into the current Nordic design trend. But we can see these stunning shapes and colors fitting in with about any room no matter the decor or function.

These beautiful decorative pieces can enhance the beauty of your home. They will also be the perfect gift for a plant-loving friend or family member. If you are looking for an indoor plant pot, we can’t think of a better type of planter for you to buy!

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How Does a Floating Plant Pot Work?

Although these levitating plant pots may look as modern and high-tech as they come. The secret to their levitation is magnets!

The pots use a clever method for the floating effect. These planters have magnetic poles that are facing and pushing against each other. The space between the two magnets is where the levitation effect takes place.

So, we now know what Floating Plant Pots are and how they work. Below we will look at the Top 7 Best Floating Plant Pots you can buy.

Top 7 Best Floating Plant Pots.

1. BandD Floating Plant Pot.

This is one of the most popular levitating plant pots on Amazon. The eye-catching angular design supplies a modern element to this floating decoration. And it will fit in well with a modern or minimalist decorative scheme.

You can fit small indoor plants, succulents, and bonsai trees in this striking design. Or you could opt for an artificial plant to supply beauty without needing to water anything! The pot can support a weight of 300g as it rotates and levitates.

The strong, angular design could sit well within a more masculine space. Or could fit in with sparse office decorations. The model is available in Black, Marble, or White color options.

This is the perfect gift for someone starting a new job, to place on their desk or the windowsill of their office. It will supply a fascinating and attractive enhancement to their workspace. And is a permanent reminder of your gift and affection.

This piece will also sit comfortably within a meditation or yoga space. The calming effect of the silent, steady rotation will give a sense of peace, wonder, and nature.

2. HCNT Magnetic Levitating Flowerpot

This charming piece is new on the market. And it is a stunning choice if you are looking for a tastefully designed floating plant pot. This piece supplies a sense of gentle, casual elegance. And is a good pick if you didn’t like the choice detailed above.

This beautiful plant pot will fit in with a wide variety of décor schemes. It matches a range of decor from Nordic Design to Country Core to Modern Minimalism. This attractive design can enhance a wide array of spaces. It will fit in with bedrooms, hallways, lounges, bathrooms, offices, and meditation spaces.

The clean, hexagonal white pot contrasts with the supportive warm wooden base below. This design is popular with those who lean towards a minimalist aesthetic.

The pretty pot will float steadily whilst supporting an array of small plants. The pot can gently rotate so that each part of the plant sees the sunlight. This will mean you end up with straighter, taller, healthier plants!

This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a gift for a plant lover. Or, if you want to buy a few stunningly designed levitating planters to enhance the beauty of your own home.

3. FLOTE Levitating Air Pot

Another model to consider is the FLOTE Levitating Air Pot which will sit on a desk or sideboard. The hexagonal white design of the pot and the light wood base are classically elegant. These eye-catching elements draw your attention as you admire the floating pot.

This is a great pot for displaying smaller plants, bonsai, or succulents. We see this being the perfect gift for a fan of indoor plants, minimalist design, and the Nordic Design craze.

Brighten up your work or living space with some beautiful, floating pops of greenery. Or give the gift of this beautiful plant display to a like-minded friend.

The pot levitates gently above the sleek, light wood base. It will also rotate, exposing every angle of your plant to the sunshine. These levitating designs are not only fun to look at but will cut the chance of misshapen plants. Your plants will not lean to one side towards a light source.

The whole thing takes only a few minutes to set up. You’ll at once become entranced by the magical effect of the levitation and steady rotation. If you are planning to place this on your desk, make sure that you still manage to get your work done!

4. Floating Rotating Air Plant Pot (Sakura Pattern)

For a more colorful design, you should consider the Sakura Pattern Plant Pot for Floateze. We can see this pretty pot with pink detailing being a wonderful gift for a teenage girl. She can display it on her bedroom window, holding a pretty flower or succulent!

The colorful, bright design of the angular pot has a dark wood blunt-looking mount. This dark color highlights the vibrancy above.

This floating device is a wonderful choice if you are a fan of more involved colorful designs. And if you are looking for a vibrant and fascinating way to display your indoor plants at their best.

This plant pot will gently rotate 360 degrees and silently levitate. You can enjoy the hypnotic movement that will both calm and fascinate you.

Guests to your home are bound to give you compliments on these eye-catching elements. And we’re certain this will work well as a pretty and practical gift for your loved ones.

5. HCNT Levitation Air Rotating Round Pot Planter

This distinct design stands out from the more angular models on offer. It has a warm, natural wood coloring and a beautifully rounded pot. You can stand this eye-catching centerpiece in any room. Or pepper a few around your home to create a gorgeous plant display.

For those who like the cozy feel of arts and crafts design, this model is a beautiful pick. It contrasts with the more hexagonal, modern designs available on the market.

The plant pot sits steadily as your bonsai, small plant or succulent suspends over the base. Your plants will see all available light sources with 360 degrees of rotation.

The warm light brown color will beautifully display the green of the plants. Or it can supply a beautiful backdrop to a more colorful artificial display. This round pot is the perfect housing for a pretty and delicate bonsai tree as well. The color complements but does not overpower the greenery.

This floating pot is easy to set up and will be working on your table, desk, or shelf in minutes. Improve your mood at work. Or add some gorgeous greenery to your home with this amazing compatible design.

6. Lyfe Planter by Flyte

This is one of the more expensive options on the market, with the price a result of the design and materials. It also offers a stylish spin on one of the more classic looks with an angular 12-sided white silicon plant pot. The blunt, strong look of the base is available in four assorted color options: black, white, walnut, and oak.

One exciting element that should prove especially attractive is the included drainage system! You can protect against overwatered, unhealthy plants with the pot’s hidden reservoir.

The design of these pots doesn’t differ that much from the more affordable options detailed above. But this pot is a particularly desirable choice for those willing to invest more in materials. This pot is from an established brand name and actively helps the plant’s health.

7. Levitating Plant Pot by flybold.

Our final pick for our Top 7 Best Floating Plant Pots is this stunning model from flybold. This classy, elegant design has a matching pot and base, marking it out from our other picks.

The all-white design supplies a stunning backdrop for the vibrant greens of the plant. This is a perfect pick for a calming meditation area, yoga space, or a minimalist design scheme.

The silent 360 rotation and constant floatation will give a sense of calm and peace. while the all-white color model will sit compatibly within sparser design schemes.

This gorgeous model will sit on a desk, shelf, table, sideboard, or reception desk. And add a magical yet classic look to them all! This is a clean, elegant take on the floating plant pot. It will work well within both domestic and professional settings.

The stunning angles of the model, help to break up the wall of white and add an interesting design element. The floating of the beautiful plants is an easy conversation starter with guests.

This pot is the perfect pick if you are looking for a classic yet unobtrusive design. This model leaves the floatation and plants themselves to draw the eye.

Top 7 Floating Plant Pots to Buy in 2022

Few other plant pots can rival floating pots for their magic, beauty, and impact.

These pots are easy to set up and will display your plants to the absolute best degree.

We can’t think of a better gift to give a plant-loving family member or friend. They will add a sense of beauty and supply a testimony of your friendship in their home or office for a long time.

Are you looking for a customizing possibility or to buy from the manufacturer? Read below for the services offered by HCNT, a high-quality brand producing floating pots.

(Please make sure to remember that these models do not include plants. And are in the photos only for illustrative purposes.)

Where can you get a Customized Floating Plant Pot?

You can add an extra special element to a gift or a decorative piece by customizing your Floating Plant Pot.

HCNT will collaborate to produce a custom design for personal or commercial purposes. Known for their quality (they check each item four times), HCNT is a manufacturer you can trust.

This experienced company will give you a professional, personalized experience. When it comes to ordering a floating plant pot or floating lamp, you can contact HCNT at www.hcnt.com.

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