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What I Find After Researching Hundreds Of Levitating Products In This Industry

The first time I saw a levitating product was in a La Liga soccer game(I’m an avid soccer fan). I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. The levitating object was the ball. Apparently, it was placed on a levitating device(I did not know that at that time).

I was not the only one who was surprised; many people around the world were too. So after the game, I took out my smartphone to look for more information about this unique phenomenon. During my research, I found out many things about levitating objects.

I will share some of the things I learned during my research into levitating products.

1. The Technology Behind It All

Yes, it’s not magic! There’s a science behind levitating objects. This technology is referred to as magnetic levitation. This technology harnesses the force fields of magnets to keep objects afloat and defy gravity.

To break it down, a magnet has two poles or axes, north, and south. If you paid attention in class, you would remember that in elementary science, you were taught that opposite poles attract while like poles repel. So, when you put two magnets close to each other with the like poles facing themselves, they’ll repel, and you achieve levitation.

Though it’s not exactly this simple, this is the basic idea behind it.

2. The Sheer Number Of Products Available

There are lots of cool levitation products. From levitating globes to levitating moon lamps and even levitating flower pots. Others are:

Automatic lifting systems

Levitating led bulb light

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Flyte-Levitating Clocks

Floating table lamp-Switch function

Levitating display

It has 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g, 1000g, and 2000g device

Most levitating products are used for interior decoration. For example, levitating flower pots would enhance the look of your living room while growing plants that make the environment cleaner. Levitating moon lamps, on the other hand, will look perfect in your bedroom. Levitating pens give more color to your office table.

However, some products like the levitation displays have a majorly functional purpose. They can be acquired by stores and malls and used to display goods.

3. The Aesthetic Value

It is a fact that levitating products have substantial aesthetic value. They brighten up and beautify any space. They give your space a very modern look. They also provide an attraction to visitors.

At the beginning of the article, I told you how everyone watching the match was pleasantly surprised and intrigued when they saw the ball on a levitating platform. That is the same reaction that having levitating devices in your home or office is going to elicit.

So if you want your home to have that ‘wow factor,’ levitating devices are indeed the way to go.

4. The Problem Of Unreliable Products

Imagine buying a levitating moon lamp, and you discover that the power block gives off an annoying hum, or the moon lamp doesn’t look half as beautiful as the pictures. I’m sure you would be pissed. You would also feel cheated.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies produce inferior levitating devices. Either the materials used are not up to standard, the bulb or lamp isn’t bright enough, or the product doesn’t quite look like what was advertised.

There is also the issue of durability. A lot of products in the market don’t work for long. They also come apart quickly.

The key to getting value for your money is purchasing your levitation products from a tested and trusted company like ours. Don’t be enticed by the cheaper prices of some of these inferior products.

5. The Best Plug For Levitating Products

During my research, I also came across many companies that sell levitating products. I got to know about the likes of HCNT, Crealev, Floately, and a few others.

All these companies have beautiful levitating devices. However, the company whose products tick all the boxes is HCNT. Their products are eye-catching, durable, functional, and reasonably priced. Of all the brands of levitating devices I have used, their products give the most satisfaction and value for money. They have leveraged their experience as one of the oldest operators in this industry to create impeccable products.

HCNT holds patents for levitating products in both China and the US. Their products are pretty popular in Europe and the US, and they have plans to spread their tentacles to other parts of the globe, starting with Japan and Southeast Asia.

You can purchase HCNT products from their website or on Alibaba and Amazon.

6. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has been the standard for electronic and electrical appliances for the past decade. Levitating devices are not left out. Some levitating bulbs and lamps are made to conserve as much as 80% energy. Other levitating products are also engineered to conserve energy to varying degrees.

This is encouraging, as you don’t have to worry about levitating devices significantly increasing your energy bill. You can have a number of them without worrying about forking out more money for electricity.

Final Thoughts

For those who have never heard of levitating devices before, this article has undoubtedly been an eye-opener.

So far, I have shared with you a few of the insights I gained in my extensive experience with levitating products. I have explained the technology behind them(magnetic levitation), the various levitating products on offer, and how these products contribute to the beauty of any space you put them. I have also shared the challenges I noticed in the industry and how to work around those.

I’ll round up by saying that levitating products are a worthwhile investment for your home, your office, and any other space you can think of. Give your space that ‘Wow factor’ today!

And don’t forget to get your levitating products from a reputable and reliable source. Cheers!

Robert Wang

Robert Wang

Hello, everyone. I'm Robert Wang, CEO of hcnt.com. We have been operating a factory producing maglev products in China for 23 years. The purpose of this article is to share the knowledge related to maglev with you from the perspective of a Chinese supplier.

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