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HCNT Mini Auto-lift UFO Levitating Best Bluetooth Speaker

Auto-lift Technology

Gently touch the right button on the base, and the speaker can be lifted to levitate.

This UFO speaker is floating and rotating, just like the UFO flys in the dark sky in the movie.

Additional information

Item code


Floating object

Mini UFO Bluetooth Speaker




Auto-lift technology

Suspension gap


Invention Patent

2009 year by Patent number: US8294542B2 in US

Warranty period

one year warranty

Product production process

1, Auto-lift Technology

2, Mini UFO Bluetooth Speaker

3, Auto-lift levitating device

4, 12V 1 A AC adapter

Product Details:

HCNT Auto-lift UFO Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Listening to music is known to boost mood, productivity, and focus. As a result, it can be the perfect addition to your home or office. HCNT Auto Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is the latest addition to our collection, with technology that offers functionality and durability.

The auto levitation technology ensures that you don’t have to do much. You can just press a button, and it will take care of the rest. Here is what you must know about our product.

Futuristic Design

HCNT is the future, which is why we offer a futuristic design in our Bluetooth speakers to our users. The design is minimal, but it looks right out of a sci-fi movie. A lot of research and development goes into creating these models, so you will get a minimal yet practical design.

The design is also lightweight, which means you can carry the speaker with you wherever you like. You can listen to music in style even while you are traveling.

One-Touch Operation

Our auto levitation technology is a one-touch operation to save you time and effort. All you have to do is press a button, and the rest will take care of itself. The Bluetooth speaker will begin levitating and playing the music that you want.

There is no learning curve with our speaker, and anyone can begin using it straight out of the box. You will have to do the least to play what you need.


360-Degree Rotation

The HCNT Auto Levitating Bluetooth Speaker does not just levitate, but it also rotates in the air. The speaker freely floats and rotates in the air while you play the music. You can enjoy the tunes and this rotation technology to add a modern touch to your listening.

It will wow any guests in your home or your colleagues at the workplace. Of course, it will prove to be useful to you in many ways.


Live Experience

A great feature of our Auto Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is that you will receive a live experience through our surround sound. You will be under the illusion that you are a live concert. We use the latest technology to ensure you receive the best sound no matter where you are.

The music will transmit to each corner of the room. Of course, you will also be able to take calls and talk through this speaker. So, you can use it at work to listen to music or take important calls.


Gift Our HCNT Auto Levitating Bluetooth Speaker To Your Loved Ones

Our speaker is the perfect gift that you can give to your colleagues or loved ones. You can also use it yourself if you are looking for an exceptional and futuristic Bluetooth speaker. When you are not using the speaker, it can serve as a décor ornament.

Get your hands on the auto-levitating Bluetooth speaker today and add a modern touch to your home or office. Our technology will last for years to come to provide you with the most value.

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We are HCNT Technology Factory based in Guangdong, China, starting in 1999.

Yes, we are the most professional manufacturer to produce magnetic levitation products for more than 23 years. We own the invention patent for magnetic levitation patent.

Yes, we offer the drop shipping service, we have warehouses in Europe and US. We can ship your order fast. Please contact our sales to know more details.

The lead time of sample: 5-7 days after sample receipt

The lead time of mass order: 30-45 days after 30% deposit receipt,

but it can be negotiated based on order qty and production schedule and arrangements.

Our production quality follows CE, FCC, ROHS standards.

We have 23 years of experience in the QC team with strict and professional quality control systems. We have 4 times inspections for each finished product before the package.

Third part inspection acceptable.

Yes, we can make you a sample for your approval, but there is a sample charge, which will be returned after it reaches a certain quantity.

Yes, it is possible to print the logo on our products. The artwork of the logo printing in AI or PDF format is necessary once the sample order is placed.

1. 23 years’ magnetic product experience make us become professional manufacturers.

2. Best quality with reasonable competitive price.

3. Patented magnetic levitation technique.

4. Have CE, ROHS, LVD, certificates.

We accept payment by T/T or west union and PayPal

We have a preferential contract rate with DHL, TNT, and FedEx, and can provide good freight service to you with low freight charges.

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