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Magnetic levitating table lamp for gift

The principle of the maglev table lamp

Bottom levitation technology

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Magnetic levitating table lamp for gift



The principle of levitation

The maglev train uses the principle of “same-sex repelling, opposite-sex attracting” so that the magnet has the ability to resist gravity so that the car body is completely off the track.

Our maglev table lamp is the same.

Maglev table lamp refers to a state in which the tray of a suspended lampshade is suspended in the air and rotates without any support and without suspension. Its novel and unique visual performance, integrating technology and fun, has high ornamental and practicality, and is the best choice for home decoration! It is also a must-have for high-end home decoration gifts!

The principle of maglev table lamp:

In fact, the magnetic levitation table lamp is a typical mechatronic system. It uses the scientific method of magnetic levitation, that is, the law of magnetic circuits and the dynamic principle of magnetic force generated in the magnetic field area. It is composed of two parts: a controller and an actuator. As long as the direction of the magnetic field and the geometric center of gravity of the magnet above are protected on a straight line, and the magnetic force at this time is the same as the gravity of the magnet above, the special body above can be suspended at a certain point in the air. The globe above can be slightly rotated by lightly touching it with the hand, and then it will return to the back point.

The suspension magnetic device is a fairly complex closed-loop feedback servo system. In addition to the electromagnet as the actuator, it must also have a sensor and a feedback amplification control circuit. There are 4 metal rods wound with coils around the electromagnet.

Its main principle is to use the eddy current generated by the high-frequency electromagnetic field on the metal surface to suspend the metal ball. When a metal sample is placed on a coil with a high-frequency current, the high-frequency electromagnetic field will generate a high-frequency eddy current on the surface of the metal material.

This high-frequency eddy current interacts with the external magnetic field, subjecting the metal sample to a Lorentz force.

Under a suitable space configuration, the direction of the Lorentz force can be made opposite to the direction of gravity, and the electromagnetic force and gravity can be made equal by changing the power of the high-frequency source.

Electromagnetic levitation can be achieved. Generally, the frequency of the alternating current passing through the coil is 104-105Hz. At the same time, the Joule heat generated by the eddy current on the metal can melt the metal, so as to achieve the purpose of smelting metal without a container.

At present, in the research field of space materials, EML technology grows and solidifies crystals in microgravity and container-free environment.

It has played an important role in the study of nucleation and deep supercooling.


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