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New Invention Best Levitating Preserved Rose Flower Wholesale

This is a fantastic magnetic levitating forever rose bulb with led lights string.

Additional information

Item code


Floating object

Eternal Flower

Light source

LED Stripe

Warranty period

one year warranty

Product production process

1, Levitating Forever Rose Bulb with Led String

2, levitation technology

3, Floating a Preserved rose


Product Details:

New Invention Best Levitating Preserved Rose Flower Wholesale

lowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature, and they come in many forms and colors. What if you could preserve these flowers and keep them in your room as decoration? The best part is that the levitating technology allows you to display them with a modern touch.

It is an exceptional lighting solution that will add some rustic yet modern charm to your bedroom or home. You can use it as a night light, ambiance lighting, and much more. The HCNT Magnetic Levitating Eternal Flower Lamp is here to brighten up your home.



Express Your Love

Our levitating lamp is one of the most romantic gifts you can give to your loved ones. The preserved flowers imply that your love will last forever and you are committed to the person. Our designers made this lamp with this concept in mind, which is why it can be the ideal anniversary or Valentine’s Day Gift.

You can also use our lamp to express your love to your family members. Gift our HCNT levitating flower lamp to the woman of your dreams, and make her day.

360-Degree Rotation

One of the best features of the HCNT Magnetic Levitating Eternal Flower Lamp is that it rotates 360 degrees and levitates the entire time. It will float without any issues in the air. The touch of modernity is a perfect blend of romanticism and functionality that went into creating this.

You will not find a levitating pressed flower lamp like this in the market. Our team does extensive research and uses the best technology to create levitating lamps that last a long time.

Home Or Office Décor

If you want to decorate your home or office with minimalist items, then our levitating pressed flower lamp will make a perfect choice. It will serve as lighting and wow anyone that enters your room or your office. Anyone that loves having one-of-a-kind décor pieces will get the most use out of our lamp.

We have kept the design minimal so that it looks good no matter where you keep it. So, don’t forget to think about where you can place this lamp.

Innovative Technology

HCNT uses the innovative and latest technology to create some of the best levitating lamps in the market. Our preserved flower lamp will work for 30,000 hours without any issues. We also offer a warranty of one year if the lamp has any issues.

Our quality controls are strict, which is why you get a perfect product in your hands that will offer you high value for money. The product weight is around 1.5kg, making it light and portable.

Get The HCNT Magnetic Levitating Eternal Flower Lamp Today

You can place an order for these lamps and receive them in no time, as we try to deliver them to our customers as soon as possible. Everything from the design to the function is carefully thought-out and executed so that you have a beautiful lamp that will work well for a long time.



We are HCNT Technology Factory based in Guangdong, China, starting in 1999.

Yes, we are the most professional manufacturer to produce magnetic levitation products for more than 23 years. We own the invention patent for magnetic levitation patent.

Yes, we offer the drop shipping service, we have warehouses in Europe and US. We can ship your order fast. Please contact our sales to know more details.

The lead time of sample: 5-7 days after sample receipt

The lead time of mass order: 30-45 days after 30% deposit receipt,

but it can be negotiated based on order qty and production schedule and arrangements.

Our production quality follows CE, FCC, ROHS standards.

We have 23 years of experience in the QC team with strict and professional quality control systems. We have 4 times inspections for each finished product before the package.

Third part inspection acceptable.

Yes, we can make you a sample for your approval, but there is a sample charge, which will be returned after it reaches a certain quantity.

Yes, it is possible to print the logo on our products. The artwork of the logo printing in AI or PDF format is necessary once the sample order is placed.

1. 23 years’ magnetic product experience make us become professional manufacturers.

2. Best quality with reasonable competitive price.

3. Patented magnetic levitation technique.

4. Have CE, ROHS, LVD, certificates.

We accept payment by T/T or west union and PayPal

We have a preferential contract rate with DHL, TNT, and FedEx, and can provide good freight service to you with low freight charges.

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