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Best-Selling Original Magnetic Levitating 3D Moon Lamp Manufacturer

The current lamp employs magnetic levitation technology, allowing it to float and rotate freely in the air without touching anything or making any noise.

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Item code

SIM10-GW5, SIM10-GW6


4 inch moon, 6 inch moon, 8 inch moon

Light source


Suspension gap


Input voltage (V)

12V 1A

Warranty period

one year warranty


Product production process

The Moon levitates and revolves silently 360 degrees and floats freely in the air, creating a pleasant and peaceful environment in your home or any location.

Product Details:

Best-Selling Original Magnetic Levitating 3D Moon Lamp Manufacturer


The current lamp employs magnetic levitation technology, allowing it to float and rotate freely in the air without touching anything or making any noise. The gradual and gentle spinning effect makes you want to engage in it, giving you a sense of calm.

The Moon is usually connected with divine, fascinating, and intriguing symbols. Like a perfect full moon hanging high in the sky, this moonlight floats and revolves in midair. The Moon levitates and revolves silently 360 degrees and floats freely in the air, creating a pleasant and peaceful environment in your home or any location.



This product is based on NASA satellite images, allowing for creating a moon lamp with a real surface and craters. Three light modes cater to various needs. You may change the color of the light by pressing a button on the base plate, which serves a variety of needs and complements various situations.


3D Printing Levitating Moon Lamp


The market for levitating moon lamps

Numerous customers have planted moonlight since it was introduced to the market. For several years, the weather has been warm. It has now won Amazon’s Choice for two years, and all merchants’ sales are spectacular, particularly in Europe and the United States.

The moon lamp is not only gorgeous and small in size, but it is also manufactured in miniature using 3D printing technology to match the size of the Moon. The Moon’s form is especially seductive when combined with gentle or chilly illumination.

The moon lamp features voice control and remote control functions, and certain items have been improved with voice control and magnetic levitation technology, making them more appealing to consumers. Now, meet the newest smart maglev moonlight to hit the market.


How to make levitating moon lamp?

The two primary parts of the levitating moon lamp are:

  • 3D printed lunar sphere
  • Magnetic suspension base

A levitation magnet is positioned at the bottom of the sphere, built of one-piece 3D printing. The surface has a rough pattern to replicate the Moon’s original appearance. The moon lamp emits light similar to that of the Moon after being lit, and the uneven surface, when illuminated, naturally represents the varying brightness of the lunar surface. Moonlight faithfully reproduces the lunar surface’s unique texture.

When the light is turned on, it will penetrate through various surface layers, revealing the lunar sea and craters, precisely like the real Moon.


3-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch moons are all possible. The 6-inch Moon is currently the most popular among them.



We included LED lighting inside the Moon. The sphere’s light-emitting light uses wireless power supply technology to enable three colors: white, warm, and yellow, as well as the ability to switch between cold and warm light by touching the bottom of the moonlight.


The warm yellow is warm and will give you a warm and comfortable sensation when you open it, making it ideal for accompanying you to sleep. While the white is tranquil and may be used as a nice light source after opening, they are especially suitable for getting up at night or temporary lighting. You can set them anywhere you like to experience the feeling of the Moon shining solely for you.


Magnetic suspension base


The electromagnetic principle is used to create a stable electromagnetic field using the magnetic suspension basis manufactured by the HCNT plant.





Circuit boards, coils, magnetic heads, ferrites, power cables, permanent magnets, and iron blocks make the magnetic suspension base. Professional technicians will construct and troubleshoot the base and test and control the magnetic field stability in each connection using machines. Finally, the Moon has a magnet tray integrated into it. The Maglev Moon Lamp is now available.


How do levitating moon lamps work?

At the start, operating levitating gadgets necessitates a great deal of patience and practice. If this is your first time utilizing magnetic levitation products, you may need to try them several times before getting them right. It does, however, get easier if you achieve!


  1.  Connect the electricity and place the magnetic levitation moon’s base on a stable, horizontal plane.
  1. Hold the Moon vertically in both hands, the bottom is aligned with the centre of the base, and the Moon is positioned vertically downwards. Slowly relax your hands when you feel a force to suspend the Moon, and the Moon will completely overcome gravity and float in midair. The suspension breaks when the force of the edge of the base pulls the Moon in opposite directions, as seen on the left.
  2. Do not let go of the Moon at this point; instead, fix the Moon’s direction and set it with the bottom vertically aligned with the centre of the suspension base and resuspended.



4. When the Moon has been successfully suspended, gently tap the power mark above the base to regulate the moonlight.








  • When the base temperature hits 55 degrees or higher, the temperature controller will immediately cut off the base’s internal power supply to safeguard the base’s safety. If this happens, unplug the base and wait 10-20 minutes for it to cool before attempting to suspend it again.



  • This product should not be stored in a humid environment.
  • Please make sure the product is on a sturdy desktop and that no metal objects are near it that could interfere with the magnetic field.
  • Computers, mobile phones, cameras, bank cards, and other electronic products should be kept at least 20 cm away from the magnetic levitation device.
  • This item is only intended for usage indoors.
  • Please avoid this product if you have heart disease or a pacemaker.
  • Please confirm that the power adapter’s input voltage is a properly adjusted power supply that meets national regulations. Use only the AC Adapter that comes with the device. The magnetic levitation gadget will be damaged otherwise.
  • This thing is not a toy and is not intended for children under 12.


Are you looking for a manufacturer of the best-selling original magnetic levitating 3D moon lamp? If you answered yes, the HCNT Moon Lamp is likely the most adaptable option because it includes practically all functions you’d expect from a luxury moon lamp.

Moon lamps, also known as floating moon lamps, are one of the most popular home décor items. Why not invest in a lamp that provides similar illumination and beautiful performance, as we all need lamps on our desks and stands in our homes? Choose HCNT for your levitating moon lamp for the greatest quality and performance.











We are HCNT Technology Factory based in Guangdong, China, starting in 1999.

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We have 23 years of experience in the QC team with strict and professional quality control systems. We have 4 times inspections for each finished product before the package.

Third part inspection acceptable.

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Yes, it is possible to print the logo on our products. The artwork of the logo printing in AI or PDF format is necessary once the sample order is placed.

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